The Wheels That Move This Agency

Our truck means a great deal to Yokefellow. When it rumbles up to the door of the Thrift Store or the Helping Center we know it is bringing us goods to help sustain the agency for another day. Its many functions include carrying food purchased from Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC, donated food from Food Lion on Old Mountain Road, and picking up donations for our Thrift Store.

In December 2014 our old truck went kaput. An anonymous donor gave us a “new” truck which they no longer used. We were so surprised, grateful, and humbled by this gift - it really was wonderful.

For a year now our truck drivers and staff have worked tirelessly with this truck with one concern, it doesn’t have a lift. The “new” truck doesn’t have a ramp, a lift, or anything to assist with lifting donations in and out of it as our old one did. What does this mean? When we move sofas, refrigerators, pallets of food, and other large items we do it manually and sometimes with much difficulty.

For the past year we have looked for grants and other opportunities to fund this much needed tool to no avail. Today we reach out to you, our friends and supporters, to help us raise the funds to purchase a lift for our truck.

Jamie McClure

Store Manager

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2015 Statesville Parade

2015 Statesville Parade

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